Camera Management

Camera Management System
This powerful camera management system allows you to automatically configure up to 16 Panasonic network cameras, enables Internet access, creates a custom portal page and enables multi-level security control. Buying additional broadband accounts and installing new wiring to get all of your network devices online is costly and cumbersome. With a Panasonic network, you can simplify the process by connecting multiple devices to the Internet through a single cable or DSL line. The camera management system’s built-in firewall helps protect every network computer from hackers. Use the system with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server to access a corporate or secure network. You can also customize the firewall to best suit the needs of your home or small business.
Auto Set Up
Automatic Setup
By using this product with a Panasonic network camera (Customer-provided), the camera’s registration function can automatically set up wireless security (encryption, WEP setup, etc.) and camera network related settings. (port forwarding setup, etc.)
Camera Portal
By using this product with a Panasonic network camera (Customer-provided), the camera portal can list up to 16 camera names and their still images on a monitoring screen. Also, the camera portal page is set up automatically for connected cameras.
Cell Phone Camera Portal
Create a portal page to access your cameras easily from a cell phone. Cameras on location can be added automatically, and remote cameras can also be added.
Camera Status Notification
This product can send an E-mail to your PC or mobile phone if a camera disconnection is detected.
LAN Compatible
IPv6 Compatible
This product is compatible with IPv6, the next generation Internet protocol. There are a number of merits to this, such as abundant global addresses and security improved using IPsec.
Camera Privacy Protection with VPN
This product is compatible with PPTP (IPv4) and IPsec (IPv6) for VPN. Security is enhanced by encrypting all cameras and PC data connected to this product before it is sent.
High speed wireless LAN
for IEEE 802.11b/g The wireless connection has 2 modes:
1 > the 802.11g only mode
2 > the 802.11g and 802.11b simultaneous mode.
Also, the wireless LAN function can be disabled.
High speed throughput
Maximum WAN - LAN wired connection speeds of 98 Mbps (IPv4/SmartBits), 77 Mbps (IPv6/SmartBits), and 16 Mbps (FTP[PPTP]).
HD-PLC Ethernet Adaptor
Now you can use your standard home electrical wiring as a powerful network connection.Get online access simply by plugging into a power outlet! This revolutionary product from Panasonic makes it possible for anyone to establish a powerful, robust, high bandwidth network from nearly anywhere in their home in a matter of seconds. Forget about complicated wiring and the other hassles of setting up a network With this new adaptor, you can connect a network and to the Internet in a matter of seconds.With 190Mbps36 data speed, you can enjoy exceptional quality high definition video content, music playback, Internet gaming, VoIP phone service, color video monitoring and the typical connection of computers, printers and other devices to a unified network. To connect your devices, simply plug the adaptor into an electric power outlet, plug your PC or other peripheral, such as a Panasonic IP network camera, into the adaptor’s Ethernet port and you’re ready to go. Now, anyone can enjoy an entirely new level of networking freedom! Also, high security is as easy as pushing the setup button on each unit, as the adaptor automatically sets AES 128-bit encryption, the same level of protection afforded by many Internet banking and shopping sites. It’s Easy! Connect through any AC Outlet in your Home The HD-PLC Adaptor makes it possible for your home electrical wiring to serve as a link between your network devices. Getting network access is as easy as plugging into a power outlet. You can move your PC or other Ethernet device and connect to the Internet anywhere there is a power outlet.
No New Wiring Required! Easy Setup No New Wiring Necessary
There’s no tricky installation or complicated settings. Just take the HD-PLC Adaptor out of the box and plug into the power outlet (BL-PA100KTA). You don’t need to be a technical wiz or know a lot about PCs or networking. Adding another HD-PLC Adaptor is easy too, using the following quick 3-step procedure.
Easy Install
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  • Set of 2 BL-PA100s
  • Kit includes Master and first Slave
  • Connect through any AC outlet in your home
  • Easy setup– no new wiring necessary
  • Outstanding security and fast communication up to 190Mbps
  • Advanced error correction
  • AES 128-bit encryption