Distance is no longer a barrier

HD Video Communications
Our HD Visual Communications System makes it possible to instantaneously communicate and collaborate with colleagues and industry experts wherever they happen to be. With full HD 1080i video and 360° audio delivered over a standard broadband connection, the Panasonic HDVC System allows companies to save money by reducing travel and improving productivity.
Multiple Input Options
HDVC Close Up Camera


Duffy Manufacturing
Cambridge Foot & Ankle Associates
The Home-to-Office Solution
Reclaim time and improve the bottom line with HD Visual Communications from Panasonic. You’ll transform the way you work and by extension, the way you live. Collaborate with staff, meet with clients or get an up-close look at a new product—just as if you were there in person.
Save Time
How much time do you waste moving from point A to point B? Convert wasted time into business opportunities or family time.
Save Money
Panasonic hi-def video technology delivers the benefits of real face-to-face interaction. So you can manage, sell or see—just as if you were there in person.