Installation and Maintainance

U.S. Tel’s professional cabling division is responsive, efficient, and we guarantee all qualified work. All installers are experienced and follow all EIA/TIA codes. U.S. Tel also tests and certifies all cables after installation to insure optimum performance from the outset.
  • Communication System Installation

    All of our service technicians are highly qualified and experienced in communication system installation of Avaya, Panasonic and most major brands. So if you need a maintenance contract or just a one time repair, we can do it all.
  • Installation, Programming & Training

    Whether you have an Avaya, Panasonic or other major brand of system we have the expertise to help you. If you are relocating and need your system moved call us we can have you up and running with out missing a call!
  • Contact Us

    Give us a call at 800-294-0020 and one of our project managers will go over the specifics of your needs with you and then schedule the job to best fit your requirements.
  • Installation Survey

    Prior to installation we will provide an evaluation to determine your timetables, configuration needs, and necessary resources. Our goal is to pre-plan so that the installation goes smoothly and at minimal cost to you.
  • Cabling and Jacks

    All installations performed by U.S Tel ensure expert cabling and hardware mounting. Not only will your system function to your specifications it will be installed neatly and organized correctly.
  • Expert Project Management

    Our project managers are professional, personable, and helpful. They will ensure that your requirements are met through the duration of the installation and provide quality customer service.
  • Configuration and Cutover

    We will make sure that your system is configured optimally to include the usability functions you need. We will then assist in the system launch and perform any fine tuning that may be necessary after the system is fully functional.
  • Service Guarantees

    Under our one-year, normal-use, full-working-order warranty any products bought or serviced by U.S Tel are guaranteed to work for at least one year after the date of receipt, or we will replace the item.